Some of the best motorcycle rides in Alabama can be compared to a high-end restaurant menu that offers a diverse selection of entrees. Whether a day riding along the Gulf of Mexico sounds tempting, or cruising along rolling hills and scenic roads sounds delectable, whichever destination you choose is sure to satisfy your craving for adventure.

1. Talladega Forest Loop (AL-49, AL-281, and Hwy 9)

Distance: 52 miles
Time To Ride: 1 hour

No matter what time of year you hop aboard your bike and take to the highways, one of the best motorcycle rides in Alabama is the Talladega Forest Loop. The name “Talladega” is known to anyone who has a love of fast-moving race cars. Talladega is also known for its extraordinary scenery found in the Talladega National Forest. Bikers also have access to Cheaha Mountain for more roads to explore. This scenic ride includes traveling through small towns, farmsteads, meadows, and, if you want more, the Talladega Scenic Drive that makes its way through the Appalachian Mountains.

2. Alabama Dragon (Route 25)

Distance: 20 miles
Time To Ride: 30 minutes

If you want an extended ride, get on State Highway 25, and enjoy the 257 miles. If you want a short, scenic, and challenging ride, AL-25, which runs between the towns of Leeds and Vincent, is just what you are looking for. For 20 miles, you will be surrounded by lush scenery, creative rock formations, canyon overlooks, and mountain views. There are a couple of added bonuses to this exhilarating ride. First is the highway itself and what it brings to the cyclist with its paved highway providing a smooth and uninterrupted surface that is easily navigated. Second, this 20-mile section is not open to commercial vehicles, so you can ride like the wind. Do expect a change in the ride when approaching Coosa Mountain and Thomson Gap, where you will want to tap into your technical expertise to manage expansive sweeping turns as well as tackle a few difficult hairpin turns. Overall, this is a great ride for all skill levels.

3. Little River Canyon Parkway (AL Hwy 176)

Distance: 16 miles
Time To Ride: 30 minutes

Get up and out for a leisurely and calming ride along the Little River Canyon Parkway that runs through the Little River Canyon Preserve. The route is one of those picturesque gems that can light up the day. From Little River Canyon, start this fun ride at the Overlook Trail. The paved highway offers plenty of twists and back and forth turns to make it inviting, along with multiple overlooks to take a peek at canyon views and splashing waterfalls. All in all, this is an all-around enjoyable and stress-free ride that can brighten any day.

4. Montgomery to Talladega Loop

Distance: 262 miles
Time To Ride: Half to Full Day

What can be one of the most memorable Alabama motorcycle trips for outdoor enthusiasts is the long ride on the Montgomery to Talladega Loop. While taking in the scenic sites throughout the ride, bikers can add additional activities to the outing with visits to Talladega National Forest and the adjoining Cheaha State Park. Break out the camera, park the bike, and explore both parks via the network of hiking trails. If you’re looking for a place to stay, consider a campsite or reserve a cabin.

5. Natchez Trace

Distance: 33 miles (Alabama section)
Time To Ride: 1 hour

The Natchez Trace route is one of the motorcycle trips in Alabama not to be missed. The iconic route is a long, scenic, cruise starting in Tennessee and ending in Mississippi. Alabama has a short piece of this continuously scenic route that offers a ride along a corridor that, back in the day, was used by Native Americans, settlers from Europe, and American soldiers as they navigated the new territory. As you drive through the De Soto National Forest, relax amid the pine forest and savor the quiet and solitude that is not always a part of the landscape.

6. Guntersville Lake (Route 67, AL-35 and AL-227)

Distance: 32 miles
Time To Ride: 1 hour

Lake views and towering forests are just two of the features that make up the landscape when taking motorcycle trips in Alabama. When adding Guntersville Lake to the trip list, cyclists can expect plenty of both. The route makes its way through Lake Guntersville State Park on a well-maintained paved highway with excellent twists to add a dash of pizzazz to the route. Your traveling companions along the way include waterfront roadways and causeways with scenic views of the Tennessee River and Guntersville Lake. The route is a relaxed ride suitable for all levels of experience and is accessible any time of the year.

7. Paint Rock to the Tennessee State Line

Distance: 90 miles
Time To Ride: 2 hours

Start out in Paint Rock and continue on to the Tennessee border at East Ridge along US-72 about 90 miles away and an hour and a half drive. From there, you can head to Chattanooga, which is another hour and a half drive. For bikers planning extended motorcycle trips in Alabama, this route provides two scenic options that can extend a short ride into an overnight adventure. Choose to make the drive to the Chattahoochee Oconee National Forest, a little under three hours away, or go even further to the Nantahala National Forest in North Carolina, a little over three hours away. All are scenic rides through some of each state’s most diverse landscapes.

8. Daleville to Geneva (AL-85)

Distance: 33 miles
Time To Ride: 1 hour

Just a couple of hours from the Florida state line, the town of Daleville is the starting point along AL-85 to route 52 to the town of Geneva. Before taking off, spend some time in the town and enjoy its attractions, such as the Pioneer Museum of Alabama, the United States Army Aviation Museum, and the Wiregrass Museum of Art, and take a look at the Boll Weevil Monument. Once you arrive in Geneva, refuel at QB’s Sports Bar & Grille or Owen’s Cafe and Grill to replenish your taste buds. If you want to continue the ride, keep in mind the sugar-sand beaches of Destin, Florida are only 72 miles away, which is a quick hour and a half ride to the Sunshine State.

Anytime a motorcycle excursion is underway, the excitement level is high in anticipation of what lies ahead. For an adventure that won’t be forgotten, Alabama’s geographic palette of colorful highways and byways will brighten even the dullest day.