Cruising the Lone Star state offers many opportunities for riders to experience the state’s different landscapes and scenery. Whether you’re planning a short and enjoyable ride for the day or making plans for Texas motorcycle trips, there are plenty of highways that create memorable journeys.

1. El Paso Lower Valley Mission Trail to Ft. Hancock

Distance: 46 miles
Time to Ride: 1 hour

In the west Texas town of El Paso, this trail takes you past many farming communities and two Spanish missions. The area has pecan trees, farm animals meandering about, canals, and a variety of crops. Several places at the start of the ride provide excellent food and beverages. The road is narrow with some tight turns and twists and usually has minimal traffic. Road conditions are usually safe, but can become unfriendly during the rainy season. This ride runs parallel to the US and Mexican border.

2. The Lizard’s Tail

Distance: 30 miles
Time to Ride: 1 hour

This one-day ride follows the banks of Lake Worth where the tree-lined road provides a cool atmosphere and a scenic landscape, especially during the spring when an abundance of flowers is in full bloom. The setting can be described as rural, although you aren’t far from the city. The road is one-lane, in each direction, with a variety of sharp turns and twists to make it interesting. Enjoy the long expanse of the open road environment with limited stops and moderate traffic, which results in a nice ride at a steady pace.

3. North Dallas Twistys

Distance: 48 miles
Time to Ride: 1-2 hours

Start this technical ride in Denton and end it in McKinney. The ride goes along a well-paved road that will keep riders on their toes. While it starts off as a straightaway ride, it eventually challenges riders with its many tight twists and wide turns. The road is generally in good condition, but it is best to stay alert after rain or windy conditions that may have placed debris on this country road. It’s a nice ride through small Texas towns with history, large open fields, and bridges and creeks to pass over. You’re in the country, so, food and fuel stops are not readily available. 

4. Dinosaur Valley State Park

Distance: 90 miles
Time to Ride: 2-3 hours

Double your pleasure with a ride to Dinosaur Valley State Park. The ride along 35E is pleasurable with enough twists and challenges to keep experienced cyclists engaged. Along the way, there are local activities and restaurants for food and entertainment. Once you arrive at the park, unwind with a leisurely trek on one of the hiking trails, bring some food and have a picnic, visit the interpretive center, and be sure to visit the ancient dinosaur tracks left so long ago.

5. Possum Kingdom Lake Ride

Distance: 300+ miles
Time to Ride: Full day

Plan a full day of riding with friends and enjoy a scenic ride about 60 miles west of the Dallas/Fort Worth area at this hidden gem. The ride is smooth with no unexpected challenges along the open road and offers plenty of entertainment along the way, with places to stop for food, fuel, museums, and historical sites. if you want to check on some vintage horsepower, save some time to visit the Vintage Grill and Car Museum in Weatherford. The museum resides in a 1930s building and features classic cars and trucks. 

6. The Twisted Sisters

Distance: 100 miles
Time to Ride: 2-3 hours

The Twisted Sisters is often referred to as The Three Sisters ride. Either way, the 100-mile loop along roads 335, 336, and 337 is known for its ability to put even the most seasoned riders in their place. If you are looking for a ride to spike your adrenaline levels, this is it. Expect a diverse riding landscape that includes shifts in elevation, challenging terrain, canyons to maneuver, twists, and sharp turns that will bend you out of shape. This is, by far, one of the best motorcycle rides in North Texas.

7. Highway 39 Hunt, Texas

Distance: 34 miles
Time to Ride: 1 hour

If you are just looking for a non-technical ride that is fun to drive and has plenty of scenery, Highway 39 will make your day. Unlike the technical stamina necessary for challenging rides like The Three Sisters, this one just lets you relax and enjoy the day as you pass horse farms and enjoy views of the Guadalupe River. If you’re interested in camping, there are several campgrounds along this route. 

8. New Hope through Blue Ridge Pass 

Distance: 26 miles
Time to Ride: 1 hour

This ride may be short on mileage, but it is big on what it delivers as bikers make their way to Melissa, located north of New Hope. Even though it isn’t the longest ride, it will test your technical skills. There are several scenic places to stop and rest along the way, restaurants for a quick bite of Texas barbecue, and on through the Blue Ridge Pass. 

9. The Red River Cruise

Distance: 140 miles
Time to Ride: Half day

No, you won’t be parking your bike and hopping aboard a cruise ship, but you will be cruising the highway through the infamous North Texas hill country. Starting and ending in Denton, this ride offers a combination of an open highway allowing extra speed and plenty of wide and sweeping curves favored by motorcycle enthusiasts. Riders can also expect the turns to be so tight that your bike’s peg will drag the surface. Stay alert and be careful when maneuvering turns as some areas may be dangerous. 

10. Smithville-La Grange on FM153 through Winchester

Distance: 19 miles
Time to Ride: 30 minutes

For an enjoyable ride, for just sitting back and relaxing, this 19-mile ride can make it happen. The route goes through the rich ranch land of Central Texas. The ride is smooth pavement with some sweeping curves along the way. Traffic is usually light, but be aware of the possibility of deer crossing the highway. Stops in Smithville, Winchester, and La Grange, will keep you fueled with good food, snacks, beverages, and more. 

Whether you are planning to take scenic motorcycle journeys to south, east, or west Texas or you want to explore more with north Texas motorcycle trips, there are more than enough options to keep you busy, weather permitting, throughout the year.