Some of the best motorcycle rides in Maryland will take you to some of the most scenic and tranquil areas in the state. Maryland motorcycle trips can also provide plenty of excitement and challenges when maneuvering along the highways and byways on your way to new destinations.

1. St. Mary’s River Loop

Distance: 63 miles
Time To Ride: 1-2 hours

Explore Maryland’s scenic southern region with a leisurely ride along well-paved MD-5, MD-244, MD-4, and MD 234. Each provides stretches of open roadway with a few easy twists and turns through quiet and picturesque farmland. At the southernmost portion of the ride, take a break with a stop at Point Lookout State Park, where you’ll see both the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay. The historical park has a Civil War Museum, the Marshland Nature Center, the Point Lookout Lighthouse, hiking trails, a scenic beach area, and a campground.

2. Elk Neck State Park

Distance: 17 miles
Time To Ride: 30 minutes

The Elk Neck State Park ride offers a short but visually appealing ride on well-maintained surfaces through open and treed areas. The highway winds its way through the park with moderate twists and curves. Within the park, there are four areas where you can take a break and enjoy a variety of activities. In the southern portion, enjoy a hike to the Turkey Point Light Station situated along the Chesapeake Bay. Bring some snacks and have a picnic or cool off with a swim in the North East Beach Area. If you’d like to extend one of your motorcycle trips in Maryland, consider bringing your camping gear along for the ride or make reservations ahead of time for one of the cabins in the Elk River Camping Area.

3. Winchester, Virginia to Deep Creek Lake, Maryland

Distance: 104 miles
Time To Ride: Half Day

Take this scenic ride if you’re interested in a laid bike journey with trees, rivers, and hills as your companions. Along the way, quaint towns offer a welcoming respite to refresh, refuel, and replenish yourself and your bike. Plan a stop at historic Oakland near Deep Creek Lake for a visit to the Oakland B&O Railroad Museum and local cafes. At Capon Bridge in West Virginia,

4. Route 550

Distance: 28 miles
Time To Ride: 1 hour

For riders that just want to get out and about to enjoy fresh air, blue skies, and an open stretch of road, Route 550 is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle and unwind. The route travels from Sabillasville to Libertytown through open farmland and along tree-lined sections bordering the Catocctin Mountain Park. Take a side trip to the park where there’s a welcoming visitor center with facilities, picnic area, hiking trails, and unlimited forest, woodland, and beautiful landscape. You can also plan to stop in the quaint town of Woodsboro, near Libertytown, and situated in the Appalachian Mountains foothills. Dine at one of the cafes or have a picnic at the 102-acre Woodsboro Park before continuing your ride.

5. Route 77

Distance: 26 miles
Time To Ride: 1 hour

If riding from east to west versus north to south, Route 77 takes you from Smithsburg to Union Bridge and crosses Route 550 about midway between Sabillasville and Woodsboro. This is another short drive that provides open straightaways with some curves with views of the mountains and access to Catoctin Mountain Park and Cunningham Falls State Park. Both are part of the Catoctin Mountain ridge. Several small towns dot the way along Route 77.

6. Sterling – Front Royal – Charles Town Loop

Distance: 63 miles
Time To Ride: 1-2 hours

The Sterling – Front Royal – Charles Town Loop offers diversity in the landscape that riders pass through along the 63-mile route. Expect a mix of rural countryside with flat and open country roads ideal for cruising, smooth and gentle curves you can lean into, and mountain inclines. Begin the ride in Sterling, Virginia, and head to Front Royal and Skyline Drive. From there, head to Charles Town in West Virginia, where Route 9 leads to the mountains. Throughout the ride, there are small towns along the way to grab a bite to eat.

7. Wrightsville to Columbia via The Conowingo Dam

Distance: 90 miles
Time To Ride: 2 hours

Enjoy one of the best motorcycle rides when biking from Wrightsville to Columbia via the Conowingo Dam. This scenic ride takes motorcyclists through the rich farmland and rolling hills of the Susquehanna Valley with views of the river along the way. The ride is a combination of open straightaways, curves, and changes in elevation and provides a landscape that is either shaded or open and sunny. Enjoy a leisurely ride and keep in mind you’ll be riding through Amish country where horse and buggy transportation is standard. Places of interest to make a stop include Conowingo Visitors Center and Susquehannock State Park, featuring scenic overlooks and hiking trails.

8. Charles County Loop

Distance: 65 miles
Time To Ride: 1-2 hours

A nice ride on well maintained surfaces with a few sharp curves to get your attention and a lot of scenery makes the Charles County Loop ride one to include when planning motorcycle trips in Maryland. The loop offers views of the Potomac, woodland landscape, open fields of farmland, and access to several parks in the area. Point Lookout State Park, St. Mary’s River State Park, Battle Creek Cypress Swamp, and Confederate Memorial Park are popular places for a pit stop to relax, enjoy a picnic, take a short hike, or a quick dip in the Potomac.

9. Antietam National Battlefield – Sharpsburg (Route 34)

Distance: 8.5 miles with 11 stops (within the battlefield)
Time To Ride: 1 hour

Take a ride off the beaten track and step back to a time in history that made a significant impact on America. The 3,000-acre Antietam National Battlefield in Sharpsburg is the site of one of the most costly encounters between Confederate and Union soldiers during the Civil War. Self-guided driving tours are available, or park your bike and hike the many trails, see the farms, bridges, the Hawkins’ Zouaves Monument, and the Antietam National Cemetery. Stop in at the visitor’s center and watch the 26-minute movie that recreates the events of the battle that took place on September 17, 1862.

Expand your horizons as well as your bike’s travel mileage with motorcycle trips in Maryland. When you take to the road on your bike of choice, the highways, byways, and country roads each have a story to tell. Whether you’re planning Maryland motorcycle trips for a day, a weekend, or an extended trip, there is no limit to the experiences that await around every turn.