Best Motorcycle Rides in Mississippi

The relaxing sounds of the Mississippi River as it flows along, combined with history, culture, and an abundance of southern hospitality and charm keep the interest level high for those who want to explore the state with Mississippi motorcycle trips. From rural country roads where peace and quiet abound to the excitement of the casinos in Biloxi and the beach scene in Gulfport, there are plenty of roads to travel that can keep motorcyclists busy all year round.

1. De Soto National Forest (Route 29)

Distance: 45 miles
Time To Ride: 1 hour

Immerse yourself in the cool recesses of De Soto National Park with a scenic ride that puts you close to nature. As you drive through the park, southern pine and hardwoods line the way. The ride is smooth with some rolling hills and gentle curves. Park and stay awhile with a hike on one of the trails. De Soto also has the scenic Black Creek River that winds its way past vertical bluffs and sugar-white sandbars.

2. Natchez Trace Parkway – Windsor Ruins (Route 552)

Distance: 310 miles
Time To Ride: Half to Full Day

When riders are looking for one of the Mississippi motorcycle trips to take on a famous highway, they should look no further than the Natchez Trace. The parkway is multi-faceted with each section bringing its own history and scenery to the journey as well as challenges that keep the ride included as one of the best motorcycle rides in Mississippi. One of the desired destinations is Windsor Ruins. Located at the site are 23 Corinthian columns still standing that were once part of a Greek Revival antebellum mansion, which was the largest of its kind built in Mississippi.

3. The Secret Pearl River Run (aka Red Bluff)

Distance: 30 miles
Time To Ride: 1 hour

Short, concise, and to the point make the Secret Pearl River Run from Columbia to Monticello a favorite of motorcyclists. The backcountry run has a reputation as a scenic ride amidst lush scenery, woody terrain, and various elevations while requiring finesse when faced with elevated twists and blind turns that require technical savvy.

4. Gulf Coast Ride

Distance: 150 miles
Time To Ride: 2-3 hours

When it is time to cruise the beach cities of Mississippi for a dose of sunshine and sea breezes, a ride along the Gulf Coast captures the essence of sun, sand, and seagulls. The coast offers a few coastal communities to explore, such as Biloxi, Gulfport, Diamondhead, Bay St. Louis, Ocean Springs, and Waveland, to name a few. If enjoying hours of fun is the goal, this ride brings it with restaurants serving fresh Gulf seafood, shopping, art galleries, and area attractions. Extend your ride time and book a hotel room at one of the casinos and play your favorite game till your heart’s content.

5. The Clarke County Pine Forest Run

Distance: 28 miles
Time To Ride: 1 hour

Another short but rewarding ride takes bikers through Clarke County and its scenic landscape. Start the ride in Enterprise and head out on route 145 towards Yantley. Along the way, just sit back and enjoy the views while passing through farmland, pine forests, and peach orchards that make the ride extra sweet.

6. Mississippi Salt Flats (Highway 57)

Distance: 40 miles
Time To Ride: 1 hour

On this ride, just sit back and let the bike glide along the four-lane highway on Hwy 57 heading south from State Line. Along the way, you’ll change to Hwy 63 and then again to Hwy 98. The route is as good as a biker could ask for, with a smooth surface the entire way, and expansive sweeping curves highlighting the long straightaways. Light traffic means you can open up the throttle and enjoy the ride.

7. Old Port Gibson Road

Distance: 115 miles
Time To Ride: 2-3 hours

Starting in Raymond, Highway 18 south makes a beeline for Port Gibson. The route features diversity in the terrain and scenery you’ll pass through, and the road keeps it interesting with twisty twists and those long sweeping turns. If your curiosity is piqued about what may be in the area, consider exploring some of the back roads. As a side trip, head to historic Vicksburg, where you can visit the Old Court House Museum, Vicksburg National Military Park, the USS Cairo Museum, the Lower Mississippi River Museum, and the Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum.

8. The Blues Highway (aka Delta Blues) (Hwy 61)

Distance: 274 miles
Time To Ride: Half Day

If you’re planning an extended road trip, this is one of the motorcycle trips Mississippi bikers will want to add to the list. The route runs from Vicksburg, Missouri to Memphis, Tennessee with the Mississippi Delta along for the ride. The roads are good, the bayou scenery with its cypress trees is unusual and interesting, wildlife observation is plentiful, and there are numerous small towns to stop at for food and fuel. This ride makes a great group outing to explore the area’s history and natural beauty.

9. Grenada Lake Loop

Distance: 50 miles
Seasonality: 1 hour

Start and end this leisurely ride in Grenada. It is one of those shorty rides that is packed with plenty of reasons to make the trip. Enjoy the Mississippi landscape that winds through fragrant pine woods at different elevations of the bluffs, which means a variety of scenic lake views. There are several points of interest along the loop, starting with the truss bridge that spans the Yalobusha River. The bridge is abandoned and makes an interesting backdrop for photos. Other places of interest to stop and spend some quality time are the Lee Tart Nature Preserve, Carver Point State Park, and Hugh White State Park. Each offers riders plenty of activities, from hiking to kayaking.

Cranking up the engine and rolling out to the highway any time of the year is possible with an itinerary filled with some of the best motorcycle trips in Mississippi. Whether you prefer wide-open straightaways that go for miles, curves, and twists that create excitement, or a leisurely ride along a scenic loop, experience Mississippi’s southern heritage while discovering hidden gems tucked away along miles of back roads and scenic highways.