No matter what time of year you plan to take Missouri motorcycle trips, it isn’t too soon to start planning an itinerary. With so many choices to choose from, planning ahead ensures you will include some of the best motorcycle rides in Missouri.

1. Missouri Wine Country Tour

Distance: 60 miles
Time To Ride: 1-2 hours

Grape connoisseurs will appreciate a ride through wine country as they pass through the Missouri River Valley. Along the route, Missouri’s beautiful landscape is on display with views of the Missouri River, farms that could be the model for picture postcards, and wineries. Keep your eyes peeled for impressive limestone bluffs towering over the river as high as 400 feet. The road itself has twists and turns to navigate. Towns are located along the route with plenty of food and fuel options, museums, festivals, and cozy bed and breakfasts for those who want to explore and stay a while. Wineries do offer tours, and other attractions nearby are the Daniel Boone house, which you can tour, a visit to Daniel Boone’s grave and monument near Dutzow, and the August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area for picnicking, picture taking, and hiking. In Hermann, plan a fall trip to enjoy the German-inspired town’s Octoberfest.

2. Ride the Eagle – Missouri Route 86

Distance: 24 miles
Time To Ride: 1 hour

Heading out of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, make your way to Eagle Rock and on to Cassville to experience Ozark country and some of the state’s finest scenery. The ride features plenty of trees bordering banked turns as well as rolling hills and colorful foliage, especially in the fall. The road surface is well maintained and generally experiences light traffic. This is one of those Missouri motorcycle trips that are a hidden gem that bikers can ride just for the fun of it. You can fuel up in Eagle Rock. For more amenities, stop in Cassville and Eureka Springs for a variety of restaurants, hotels, motels, and bars.

3. The Big Mo River Ride Loop

Distance: 123 miles
Time To Ride: 2-3 hours

River rides offer a cool and refreshing atmosphere plus clear views of the meandering waters making their way to their own destination. With a ride on the Big Mo loop, you will ride next to the mighty Missouri River. Take a break along the way to park your bike and just surround yourself with the natural beauty of the river landscape. There are plenty of places to stop throughout the loop, such as Richmond, Norborne, Carrolton, Waverly, and Lexington. You will find a variety of attractions, too, such as the Battle of Lexington State Historic Site, Ray County Museum, the Confederate Memorial State Historic Site, Carroll County Historical Museum, the Anderson House, and much more.

4. Highway 21 South to Elephant Rock State Park

Distance: 150 miles
Time To Ride: 2-3 hours

Diversity is a companion on this Missouri motorcycle trip that starts near St. Louis, where winding roads, multiple stopping places for photo ops and exploration, and a relaxed atmosphere make the ride a pleasurable experience. Expect some traffic at the start while you are still near St. Louis. Things change further along when the road isn’t crowded, and you can enjoy the many turns and changes in elevation. Small towns with diners, shops, and places for refreshments dot the way. Two places to stop and explore are Elephant Rock State Park with its picturesque pink granite rocks. Then continue on to Johnsons’ Shut-Ins State Park and take a refreshing dip in the cool waters, hike one of the trails, rent a bicycle and explore, or enjoy an audio tour. The highway is also near the Mark Twain National Forest.

5. Wing of the Dragon (Route 185)

Distance: 32 miles
Time To Ride: 1 hour

You’ve got wings and claws of the dragon, and Missouri isn’t left out, as riders can show off their skills, technical savvy, and expertise in navigating when challenged by the Wing of the Dragon. While this is an exciting ride for those seeking a fast-paced thrill ride, it is not for beginners. This road has it all – blind curves, sharp twists, mega-changes in elevation, and next to no MPG corners, which keep knuckles white from the tight grip cyclists maintain throughout the duration and navigation of this high-speed highway.

6. Route 8

Distance: 70 miles
Time To Ride: 1-2 hours

Beginners and seasoned riders alike will find Route 8 an enjoyable ride from Saint James to Park Hills. In the middle of the ride, there are several great escape destinations. First, you will be riding in the Mark Twain National Forest amid towering trees. Park your bike and hike one of the many scenic trails covering 750 miles, then take a break alongside one of the cool streams. Further down the highway, enjoy some flavorful refreshments at the Edg-Clif Vineyard, Winery, and Brewery. There is something for the adventurous, too, where explorers will find Onondaga Cave State Park fascinating as they descend into the depths below.

7. Route 19 (MO-19)

Distance: 204 miles
Time To Ride: Half to Full Day

For peace and quiet and unlimited beauty, Route 19 is a relaxing ride to enjoy without noise and traffic as companions. The route runs between St. Louis and Kansas City with sections of straightaways for cruising and curves, twists, and banked corners for novice and experienced riders to show off their technical skills. Expect flat roads with clear openings, roads bordered by shrubs, and areas with densely forested trees. Along the route, riders can take a side trip to Echo Bluff State Park and Mark Twain National Park.

8. Route 66 St. Louis to Grey Pass Summit

Distance: 53 miles
Time To Ride: 1 hour

Historic Route 66 runs from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California. Along with Missouri, the route makes its way across multiple states, including Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. In Missouri, Route 66 is a great ride through the Ozarks, with scenery, historical landmarks, attractions, vintage towns, and villages, and a slice of Missouri culture served throughout the journey.

Bring your A-game when taking on the best motorcycle trips Missouri has to offer. From laid-back and easy-going rides to highways that test your skills to the max, motorcyclists have plenty of choices, any time of the year, to explore, discover, and enjoy the state’s culture, history, and exceptional natural beauty destinations.