There are many options when it comes to taking scenic motorcycle trips in New England. Some of the best motorcycle rides in the northeast offer cool, clear, and colorful landscapes. The northeast offers interesting places to explore and discover hidden gems in some of the most beautiful locations in America.

1. Appalachian Mountains Ride (Route 7)

Location: Connecticut
Distance: 102 Miles
Time to Ride: Half Day or More

Take your bike to northern Connecticut for this 102-mile ride that will have you interacting with the Appalachian Trail. It is a long, looping ride, with straight roadway for an extended time along one side of the loop and winding, curving roadway along the other side. This is a scenic ride along twisting roads with some steep inclines. Along the route, there are options to stop for places to stay in towns such as Salisbury, Lakeville, and Cornwall, quaint restaurants, gas stations, and local attractions, such as museums, antique shops, and state parks. It is also one of the best motorcycle rides in New England to experience the changing of the leaves during the fall.

2. West Rhode Island and Eastern Connecticut Loop

Location: Connecticut and Rhode Island
Distance: 64 miles
Time to Ride: Half Day or More

For sheer enjoyment plus fantastic scenery, the 64-mile route traveling through Connecticut and Rhode Island is a winner. You’ll travel through two scenic state parks – Arcadia State Park and Beach Pond State Park. The back country route travels past water spots like Boone Lake and Carbuncle Pond and hilly areas, such as Hammitt Hill and Raccoon Hill. Expect a leisurely ride with a mix of curves, turns, and straightaways while observing the scenic and colorful landscape.

3. Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway

Location: Maine
Distance: 88 miles
Time to Ride: Half Day or More

As one of the best motorcycle rides in Maine, the Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway keeps motorcyclists engaged and entertained while winding their way through the area’s lakes and mountains. The two-lane road offers a leisurely ride with time to enjoy the natural beauty of the area plus stops along the way at cozy New England establishments.

4. Mount Desert Island Loop

Location: Maine
Distance: 35 miles
Time to Ride: Half Day or More

For those who want to know what it’s like to explore an island, Mount Desert Island can provide an up-close experience with the 35-mile Mount Desert Island Loop route. The island is home to Acadia National Park, which features dense forests, ample shoreline driving, and scenic views from atop Cadillac Mountain and the Champlain Mountain Overlook. Other places to stop include the Nature Center, Thunder Hole for its interesting “thunder” sound, and the Robert Abbe Museum of Stone Age Antiquities.

5. The Shelburne Falls Loop

Location: Massachusetts
Distance: 132 miles
Time to Ride: Half Day or More

A trip along Shelburne Falls Loop is one of the best motorcycle rides in Massachusetts and it provides an extensive opportunity to enjoy 132 miles of adventure for travelers. At Shelburne Falls, you’ll see the Bridge of Flowers. Other stops along the route include the Quabbin Reservoir, the butterfly center at Deerfield, and restaurants, shops, and antiques at Petersham and Amherst. The route is relatively smooth with gravel pull-offs for viewing opportunities, but also has steep hills.

6. The Seacoast Highway (Rt 1A)

Location: New Hampshire
Distance: 22 miles
Time to Ride: 40 Minutes

For travelers who want to enjoy the fresh salt air and cool sea breezes of the ocean, the Seacoast Highway, which runs for 22 miles, is mostly along the waterfront. There’s nothing between the sea, sand, and crashing waves and you and your bike. It’s a long, smooth ride with places to stop and experience the ocean vibe and see the Isle of Shoals. Just a few miles inland, there are numerous places to eat and drink.

7. The Grafton Notch

Location: New Hampshire and Maine
Distance: 93 miles
Time to Ride: Half or Full Day

This 93-mile wooded loop is scenery from start to finish. Shortly after the start of the route, Grafton Notch State Park will be an entry point where you’ll have access to mountain views. There’s no shortage of water scenery with Mother Walker Falls, Screw Auger Falls, and Moose Cave short walks from the route. Bring along some food and enjoy a break and have a picnic using one of the tables at Spruce Meadows. The Appalachian Trail is accessible from this route. If you’d like to get off the bike, take a few steps on the AT.

8. Kancamagus Highway (AKA The Kanc)

Location: New Hampshire
Distance: 35 miles
Time to Ride: 1 Hour

One of the best motorcycle rides in New Hampshire is a relatively short but sweet 35-mile run that maneuvers through the White Mountain National Forest. The roadway is officially the highest in the northeast region with altitudes reaching close to 3,000 feet above sea level. It is well-known as a “go to” destination for fall foliage in colors of red, yellow, orange, gold, and green cascading down the mountainside. During the spring, the route is alive with budding trees and flowers and fast-flowing waterfalls. The Swift River is also part of the scenery. The highway has sweeping turns for an easier ride. Along the route, there are campgrounds, the New Hampshire Visitor’s Center, Sabbaday Falls Picnic Area, the Rocky Gorge Scenic Area, and the Passaconaway Historic Site.

9. Route 519 from Phillipsburg to High Point

Location: New Jersey
Distance: 60 miles
Time to Ride: 2-3 Hours

If you are just wanting to take a nice ride without the hustle and bustle of major highways and interstate traffic, this route is the one. Enjoy 60 miles of scenic rural hill country in what is referred to as New Jersey’s “highlands:. It is a lovely ride void of factories, plants, and turnpikes, just rolling hills to be enjoyed.

10. The New Jersey Skyline Drive

Location: New Jersey
Distance: 23 miles
Time to Ride: 1 Hour

Another short but nice ride is the 23-mile stretch of the New Jersey Skyline Drive. The ride is a biker’s dream as the drive features up and down winding roads with an abundance of woods and trees lining each side of the road. The route will take you past quaint towns, to the reservoir, and to Ringwood Manor State Park, hiking opportunities, fishing, boating, and picnicking, when you want to take a break. There is also the Skylands Manor House and Botanical Gardens for a nice respite to enjoy a walk among a natural setting.

11. Catskill Preserve

Location: New York
Distance: 100 miles
Time to Ride: 3 Hour to Half Day

One of the best motorcycle rides in New York is on this 100-mile route where the Catskill Mountain range is a partner along for the ride. The mountains surround the area as motorcyclists manage their way through scenic mountain passes and along rivers and reservoirs. If traveling during the fall, the foliage is astounding and makes for great photo opportunities. The scenic route includes a lot of peaceful farmland with crops and farm animals in view, as well as local villages with cafes. There is also Kaaterskill Falls, where you can take a break and a short hike. Camping opportunities are also available within the Catskill Preserve.

12. U.S. Route 7

Location: Vermont
Distance: 176 miles
Time to Ride: Full Day or Overnight

When taking U.S. Route 7, motorcyclists can enjoy the peace and quiet of the Green Mountain National Forest as they make their way to Lake Champlain in Burlington. As one of the best motorcycle rides in Vermont, this route travels through rural countryside along a two-lane road, for the most part, providing riders with a leisurely option to enjoy the area. For an extended ride, U.S. Route 7 runs for a little over 300 miles and also includes the states of Massachusetts and Connecticut.

While each region of the U.S. offers extraordinary sites to see and roads to explore, each brings its own special attributes. In the northeast, bikers planning motorcycle trips New England style are in for a treat. From mountain tops and waterfalls to sandy beaches and ocean views, each state offers the opportunity to create memories you’ll never forget.