For those who have never ventured to the Garden State for New Jersey motorcycle trips, you are in for a surprise. From the Appalachian Mountains in the state’s northern region to some of the best motorcycle rides on the Jersey Shore, riders are in for a visual treat. 

1. Greenwood Lake to Mountain View

Distance: 39 miles
Time to Ride: 1 hour

Take Route 23 and enjoy the scenery as you cruise around Greenwood Lake and the Wanaque Reservoir. With its forested landscape all around, this is a relaxing and colorful ride, especially when the fall foliage is at its peak. 

2. Tabernacle, NJ Loop

Distance: 51 miles
Time to Ride: 1-2 hours

Another scenic ride in the southern portion of the New Jersey countryside takes you along Routes 206, 563, and 542. This is a nice drive on flat asphalt with some non-aggressive curves and no traffic lights. While cruising the open highway, you’ll see those infamous cranberry bogs we see on TV. 

3. Phillipsburg to High Point

Distance: 60 miles
Time to Ride: 1-2 hours

Route 519 takes riders through most of the way into the quietude of the rural highlands of New Jersey. A few short miles put you on Route 23. Expect a pleasant ride through farmland and rolling hills. The winding two-lane road offers a smooth ride with some tricky twists to keep it interesting. 

4. The New Jersey Skyline Drive

Distance: 23 miles
Time to Ride: 1 hour

Enjoy a roller-coaster ride on this 23-mile up and down and back and forth winding road. During your ride, you will be accompanied by trees that border both sides of the highway. The route takes you through small towns, such as West Milford and Ringwood, where you can stop for refreshments. Take a break from the drive with a visit to Ringwood State Park, where you can see Ringwood Manor, constructed in 1807. You can also visit Skylands Manor, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the New Jersey Botanical Garden. Both are located within the state park. 

5. Chester to Frenchtown

Distance: 31 miles
Time to Ride: 1 hour

If soaking up the beauty of the countryside while cruising along a highway featuring ongoing rolling terrain, pastures, valleys, rivers and streams, horses, and more, this is the ride for you. Country Road 513, also known as Route 24, is easy to find and easy to navigate with open straightaways and some decent twists. The road takes you past Voorhees State Park, which is a good place for a picnic, taking a short jaunt along hiking trails, and taking pictures at two scenic overlooks. 

6. Northeastern New Jersey Triangle

Distance: 20 miles
Time to Ride: 1 hour

On this short 20-mile ride, travel time takes you through Rumson, Sandy Hook, and Sea Bright. You will pass over the Navesink River bridge and Shrewsbury River, enjoy the free ocean breeze emanating from the Atlantic, and watch colorful sunsets on the horizon. Along this route, you have access to the Gateway National Recreation Area, several beaches, and the Navesink Twin Lights State Historic Site, which overlooks Sandy Hook Bay. Both Seabright and Rumson offer fresh seafood to satisfy the appetites of hungry riders taking Jersey Shore motorcycle trips.

7. Delaware Memorial Bridge to Cape May, New Jersey

Distance: 87 miles
Time to Ride: 2-3 hours

This 87-mile journey has riders traveling on scenic back roads, through small towns, such as Bridgeton, Salem, and Greenwich, and through the pine barrens. You will also be near the coast, which can make traffic during the summer heavier than usual. The road is well-maintained and offers a nice surface to kick back on and just ride free as a breeze.

8. Fort Lee Loop

Distance: 100 miles
Time to Ride: 2-3 hours

The Fort Lee Loop begins its run on the Palisades Interstate Parkway in Fort Lee. The tree-lined parkway takes you along multiple routes, which include Routes 106, 210, 511, 23, and 80. Along the loop, you will pass over a mountain, and ride beside Greenwood Lake and the Wanaque Reservoir. There are plenty of activities to enjoy throughout the ride. While you’re on the parkway, check out the scenic parking area with clear views of New York and the Hudson River. If camping and swimming sound good, you will find both on Route 106. Route 210 offers areas to swim at Greenwood Lake plus a variety of restaurants and bars. 

9. Oldwick to Musconetcong River Road

Distance: 20 miles
Time to Ride: 1 hour

Get comfortable and unwind on this 20-mile excursion through Hunterdon County. The ride begins in the picturesque town of Oldwick. From there, s-shaped curves beckon, and over-the-top twists offer a challenge and add a spark to the ride. The ride takes you past small communities and working farmlands, through valleys, and across scenic bridges. The picturesque sights along the route could be the backdrop for a picture postcard. 

10. South Jersey to Chester County PA Loop

Distance: 48 miles
Time to Ride: 1 hour

This stunning scenic ride has a lot to offer cyclists who like to ride and explore and discover new things to see and do. Leaving Logan Township, you’ll cross the Delaware River and continue on to interesting places to visit, such as Longwood Gardens, Brandywine Battlefield, Brandywine River, and small towns for refueling and food. The route will also take you into Amish country, past a dam, and across a covered bridge. 

11. Loop Around West Milford, New Jersey

Distance: 57 miles
Time to Ride: 1-2 hours

Make a plan to meet up with fellow riders at local hangouts during this 57-mile scenic ride. This is a fun route through rural countryside with enough exciting twists and turns to keep you engaged and focused. Keep your camera close by as you pass by Greenwood Lake, the Wanaque Reservoir, and near Norvin Green State Forest, and Sterling Forest.

Cycling enthusiasts can pick their favorite riding environment or try a new one, as New Jersey motorcycle trips include mountain vistas, sandy beaches, and natural forest landscapes. Pick your pleasure and enjoy what this gem of a state has to offer in natural beauty, culture, heritage, and history.