With the weather warm and sun-kissed skies, spring is motorcycle season. Whether you’re just heading out for the weekend or gearing up for a cross-county motorcycle adventure, getting your bike prepared for the road will help avoid a potential motorcycle accident and breakdown. It’ll also ensure a smooth ride for the road. Here’s what should be on your maintenance checklist.

Check the Tires

If your motorcycle has been sitting all winter long, it’s likely the tires may be deflated. Be sure to check the air pressure on the tires and add air to the recommended pressure levels. In addition, check for wear and tear, rot and cracks in the tires. Cold winter storage can affect the integrity of the bike’s tires. Both tires should have plenty of tread for safe biking.

Clean Carburetor

If you’ve stored the bike without prepping it for the cold winter weather, gasoline can evaporate and leave a brown gunk residue. This residue can clog the carburetor jets. Empty any leftover fuel and clean the carburetor and its jets to eliminate any blockages. Adding fresh gas will also remove any residual condensation for an optimal ride.

Change the Oil

Other fluids that need attention after winter storage include the oil, brake and radiator. Oil can break down over winter. Changing the oil and oil filter is likely the most important bike maintenance tip for spring. Replacing it will keep that engine running smooth all season. And if you haven’t drained the brake and radiator fluids in a year, it’s time to swap it.

Spark Plus, Air Filter and Battery

Next on the maintenance list are the spark plugs, air filter and battery. Changing the spark plugs will ensure a smooth start, and changing the air filter keeps it clean. Test the charge on the batter to be certain it’s in good working condition. Also, do a check on the bike’s lights and horn.

Riding Gear

Check all of your riding gear, including the helmet. If it’s more than five years old, it’s just about time to invest in a new one. An impact-absorbing liner in good condition can help protect you against head injury in a motorcycle accident. You want to make sure you have adequate protection.

Once you’ve taken care of everything on your motorcycle maintenance checklist, take it out for a test drive and enjoy the ride.