St. Augustine has it all: to the east, gorgeous beaches; in town, delicious places to eat and history dating back hundreds of years. To the west, you’ll find the forest, sweeping pastures and rural areas, and waterways and lakes that you could spend days exploring. You can’t go wrong taking time to experience the St. Augustine area on two wheels, and these top motorcycle routes from St. Augustine offer fantastic starting places for your adventures, whether you have a few hours or a few days.

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1. St. Augustine River Ride

Distance: 34 miles

Time to Ride: 1-2 hours

The St. Augustine River Ride begins at the intersection of FL 1 and 9 Mile Road. Head West on 9 Mile Road toward the river. You’ll cross I-95 and travel through a few urban areas, then turn left on FL 13A. When this road comes to a T with CR 208, take a right, and you’ll find yourself on the coast of the St. Johns River. Turn left and follow the river’s edge on CR 13 South. You’ll get plenty of riverside views, peaceful, winding turns, and a glimpse of quintessential rural Florida at its finest. This route ends once you reach the tiny town of Spuds, FL, where you’ll find (surprise, surprise!) potato farms, and not much else. Head further south to Hastings or back toward St. Augustine on 207 to refuel and grab a bite to eat.

2. Coastal Route from St. Augustine to Flagler

Distance: 35 miles

Time to Ride: 1-2 hours

You can’t miss this classic ride on A1A, which hugs the coast along Florida’s eastern beaches. The directions are easy for this one: hop on A1A in downtown St. Augustine and head south. If you haven’t taken the time to stop and explore, the Visitor’s Center at San Marco Avenue and Riberia Street in St. Augustine is worth a visit–and the downtown area has a lot to recommend it, from excellent restaurants to sights like the Castillo de San Marcos, a 17th-century Spanish fortress. You’ll find more places to stop along A1A, from lovely beaches and touristy stops to coastal restaurants and grilles.

3. St. Augustine – Fruit Cove – Hastings Loop

Distance: 104 miles

Time to Ride: 2-3 hours

This loop covers a variety of countryside and Oceanside, it’s an easy loop from St. Augustine covering portions of A1A and a few inland sights, as well. Start out heading south from St. Augustine on A1A toward Crescent Beach. Enjoy the fresh coastal air as you head south, then once you reach Crescent Beach, take a right on 206 toward Spuds. From here you’ll head north on 13A and follow it as it winds through the rural Florida countryside, continuing northward on CR 6 when you reach it. A left on Longleaf Pine Parkway will keep you heading generally north–expect a few more twists and turns on this stretch–and then take a left on Roberts Road, which will take you back to FL 13. When you reach 13, turn right, then turn right again on Race Track Road in Fort Cove. Fort Cove is a great stop to stretch your legs and grab lunch, if that’s on the agenda. Race Track Road crosses I-95 and then intersects with FL 1 shortly after; continue straight across 1 onto Nocatee Parkway, which spits you back out on A1A just south of Jacksonville Beach. From there, it’s an easy cruise back down the coast to Vilano Beach. When A1A ends, turn right on the Francis and Mary Usina Bridge to get back to St. Augustine proper.

4. All Saints Ride from St. Augustine to St. Marys, Georgia

Distance: 103 miles

Time to Ride: 3-5 hours

For a longer ride along the coast–and along some of the most historic sites in the States–pack your bags and head north on this ride all the way up to St. Marys, Georgia. The ride doesn’t take as long as you might think, but there are plenty of stops to explore and lose track of time if you’re up for some adventure off the road along the way. Start by heading north on A1A out of St. Augustine. This stretch of coastal road is picturesque and well-maintained, but traffic will pick up the closer you get to Jacksonville Beach. In Mayport, take the ferry over the St. Johns River and continue north. You’ll ride through Big and Little Talbot Islands, then cross the bridge to Amelia Island. Much of this stretch passes through state park territory and other rural lands, and it’s a gorgeous ride–especially during the cooler months of the year. When you reach Fernandina Beach, you’ll need to head west on 200, then north on 17, for a short inland jaunt to cross the border into Georgia. Make a right on Highway 40 in Kingsland, which will take you to St. Marys.

5. Ocala National Forest RIde

Distance: 63 miles

Time to Ride: 1.5-3 hours

For an inland adventure in some of Florida’s most breathtaking inland countryside, spend the day on an out-and-back excursion to the Ocala National Forest. First head west to Interlachen to get started and head south on FL 315 toward the forest. At the intersection with 310, make a left, then turn right on FL 79, which will take you into the heart of the national forest. Along the way, you’ll pass the Salt Springs Recreation Area on the banks of Lake Kerr–a great place to stop and go for a swim, if you feel like it. As you continue south, you’ll pass through more tree-lined forests until you reach Lake George and the town of Yellow Bluff. Continue following 79’s sweeping curves over the hills and past plenty of scenic vistas and overlooks as you head toward Umatilla, a great place to grab lunch and unwind a bit before heading back home.

6. SR-13 Cruise up the St. Johns River

Distance: 38 miles

Time to Ride: 1-2 hours

This riverfront ride hugs the banks of the St. Johns River for almost all 38 miles. The twisting, winding road provides an interesting ride, and traffic on 13 is usually fairly sparse. To get started, take 207 out of St. Augustine to the town of Spuds, then turn right on SR-13. You’ll skirt the Deep Creek Conservation Area on your left before joining up with the river. The rest is an easy, scenic cruise full of sweeping turns and lovely rural Florida sights, with plenty of small parks along the way to stop, stretch, and stare at the river for awhile. Stay on 13 until you reach Fruit Cove, and grab a bite to eat at the Maple Street Biscuit Company for a hearty down-home Southern meal before hitting the road again.

7. St Augustine to West Tocoi

Distance: 35 miles

Time to Ride: 1-2 hours

Head west to see the other side of the St. Johns River and miles of serene Florida countryside. To get started, take FL 16 out of the city and follow its twists and turns until you reach 17, just after crossing the river. Turn left on 17 and then veer left on CR 209 S to pass through the Bayard Conservation Area. Just south of the conservation area you’ll reach the tiny town of West Tocoi. This isn’t the most overwhelmingly scenic ride on the map, but it’s a lovely low-traffic escape from the city with well-maintained roads and a few beautiful river overlooks.

8. St. Augustine to Fruit Cove

Distance: 33 miles

Time to Ride: 1-2 hours

There’s something magical about the roads between St. Augustine and the St. Johns River, and this is a favorite. For a short ride, you can work in on a busy weekend, head to Fruit Cove for an easy ride with low traffic and surprisingly beautiful scenery. Start by heading out of St. Augustine on CR 16. Just before you reach the St. Johns River, veer right onto CR 13. This road hugs the river’s edge, offering plenty of river vistas–and relaxed rural Florida vibes. CR 13 will take you all the way in to Fruit Cove, where you’ll find plenty of spots to eat, stretch your legs, and explore for a bit before heading back to the city.