Whether you’re in it for the twisty, winding roads, the scenery, the adventure, or all three, you’ll find it in on these motorcycle rides in the Daytona Beach area. Daytona Beach has far more to offer than just a coastline. Hit the roads and find out just how much more you can expect from the Atlantic coast of the Sunshine State.

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1. Route A1A North from Daytona Beach

Distance: 10 – 55 miles

Time to Ride: 1 hr – full day

This is the ultimate ride if you want sweeping coastal views and the fresh ocean breeze on your face for as much of the day as possible. Route A1A is one of Florida’s most scenic routes, and it’s great for bikers–well maintained, smooth, with moderate traffic (depending on the season). Expect plenty of places to stop and explore–so many, in fact, that it’s easy to lose yourself for an entire day on what you thought would be a 30-mile trip. You could take this route north past Jacksonville or keep it shorter and just cruise as far as St. Augustine. You’ll be riding the coastline the entire time, with the exception of a few short jogs inland through a few towns and reserves. Plan plenty of time to stop and explore, if that’s your style.

2. The Daytona Loop

Distance: 22 miles

Time to Ride: about 1 hour

If you need an idyllic short ride to de-stress, the Daytona Loop is probably your best bet: it’s easily accessible, covers a variety of gorgeous scenery, and offers plenty of places to stop for a snack, some fuel, or some waterfront meditation. To start, hop on John Anderson Drive at the foot of the Granada Bridge in Ormond Beach. Travel north along the tree-lined scene until you reach Highbridge Road, take a left to cross the bridge, and you’ll find yourself on a twisty road with lovely waterfront views, wetlands, and a variety of places to stop to enjoy the countryside. Take another left on Walter Boardman Road, then hang another left on Old Dixie Highway back to your starting place at the Granada Bridge.

3. Turnbull Bay Loop

Distance: 23 miles

Time to Ride: 30-60 minutes

Enjoy a touch of rural scenery and wetlands on less-frequently-traveled roads. The Turnbull Bay Loop is just a short trip south of Daytona Beach, and it’s the perfect short loop when you just need to get out of the city. You’ll follow US 1 south from Daytona Beach to New Smyrna Beach, then turn onto Turnbull Bay Road, which runs parallel to a set of railroad tracks. When Turnbull Bay Road ends, take a left on Pioneer Trail, then a right on North Glencoe Road. Follow North Glencoe until you reach Old Mission Road. This road will take you to SR 442. Take a left on 442, and you’ll end up back at the junction with Route 1 where you started. Along the way, you’ll enjoy a few twists and turns, open pastures, and typical rural Florida. The roads are recently paved and well-maintained, so this one’s an easy, low-stress ride.

4. Merritt Island to New Smyrna

Distance: 65 miles

Time to Ride: 2-4 hours

This stunning ride will take you through the Cape Canaveral National Seashore. Expect fairly light traffic, a lot of nature–including many migratory birds, depending on the season–and ample places to stop and soak in the sights or grab a bite to eat. We suggest driving to the southern end of this drive and starting in the town of Merritt Island. Get on the Merritt Causeway and head west to Rt 1. Turn north on 1 and take it up to Titusville, where you’ll then hang a right to cross the causeway toward the Kennedy Space Center. When you hit SR 3, turn left (north). State Routes 1 and 3 meet in Oak Hill; continue on, cross the Smyrna overpass east to the barrier island and A1A. From there, it’s easy enough to stay on A1A back up to Daytona Beach.

5. Lake Monroe Route

Distance: 63 miles

Time to Ride: 2-3 hours

Enjoy some of Florida’s most picturesque rural countryside on the Lake Monroe Route, which loops from just outside of DeLand eastward toward the shore, then back down and west to the shore of Lake Monroe just south of Deltona. It’s a short skip to this ride from Daytona Beach, and the pristine landscapes and lake views make it more than worth the day trip. Start in Deltona with a full tank of gas and take SR 44 east. After a few miles, Pioneer Trail branches off to the left; take it and follow it through Glencoe until you reach Mission Drive. Turn right on Mission Drive, which turns into Old Mission Road, and keep going until you reach FL 442. Turn right on 442 then left on Cow Creek Road. When you reach Volcoe Rd., make a left, then take a right on Beacon Light Road, followed by another right on Maytown Rd. Maytown Road crosses I-95 and will take you all the way to the edge of the Lake Monroe Conservation Area. It turns into Enterprise Osteen Rd. at that point, which you’ll follow until you reach the lakeshore.

6. Inland Ride from Oak Hill to Port Orange

Distance: 50 miles

Time to Ride: 1.5-3 hours

This scenic route takes you past the lovely Lake Ashby and through some beautiful rural Florida scenery. For this ride, start in Oak Hill–an easy jaunt south of Daytona Beach on Rt. 1–and go west on Maytown Road. Maytown Road will take you to the city of Osteen, Florida, where you’ll run into SR 415. Turn right (north) on SR 415 and follow it past the cabbage patches all the way to Port Orange. The road is aging a bit but generally well-maintained and isn’t usually busy, so you’re in for an easy, scenic ride! If you’re not in a hurry, stop at Lake Ashby to take in the sights, use the facilities, and have a picnic lunch or just stretch your legs–it’s a lovely place to stop.

7. Daytona to Apopka Lake

Distance: 136 miles

Time to Ride: 3-4 hours

This longer ride takes you inland to the Ocala National Forest and up Sugarloaf Mountain. Expect lots of lakeside views, hills, and gentle twists and turns along the way. Though there are a lot of twists and turns on this route, it’s not too frequently traveled, so it’s a natural choice. Start by heading north on Rt. 1 in Ormond Beach. In Bunell, turn left on SR 11 toward SR 40, then turn right and take SR 40 through Barberville and into Astor. Once you cross the St. Johns River, keep heading west until you reach 445A, and turn left. This gently twisting, winding road will take you to SR 19. Turn left here and follow 19 south until you reach 44; turn south, and take it to 441 South. Turn right on Sadler Road, then make a left on CR 448A to CR 48. After that, ride until you reach CR 561. Turn left on 561, then continue south on 455 until you reach Monteverde. Here, soak up the sights that Sugarloaf Mountain has to offer–they’re some of Florida’s finest! You can continue to follow this route to Winter Garden if you wish; it’s the perfect spot to grab lunch (or dinner), stretch your legs, and explore before heading back home.

8. Half-Day Ride to Merritt Island

Distance: 34 Miles

Time to Ride: 1.5-3 hours

Take part of your weekend to cruise along the seashore down to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, an impressively pristine stretch of coastal island. You’ll enjoy pine forests, wetlands, and winding smoothly-paved roads along the way–and great birdwatching, if that’s your jam. Ride all the way down to the refuge’s Visitor Center, and you’ll be able to see down to the launch pads at the Kennedy Space Center (if the weather is clear). To reach Merritt Island, take US 1 south from New Smyrna Beach. Once you pass through Oak Hill, keep your eyes peeled for the turn-off toward the wildlife refuge, which will be on your left. As you head back north to Daytona Beach, try stopping for a bite to eat at Goodrich Seafood in Oak Hill.

9. Sebastian Loop

Distance: 98 Miles

Time to Ride: 2.5-4 hours each way

If your ride is already taking you south toward Cocoa and you want to explore further south, this is the perfect choice. The Sebastian Loop travels from Cocoa Beach down to Wabasso Beach, then across the Indian River and up the seashore back to Cape Canaveral. Along the way, you’ll encounter twisty, winding roads, lots of wildlife, and areas with plenty of pubs, seafood, and pull-off spots to relax and explore. It’s one of the longer hauls from Daytona Beach, but it’s among the best.